Sonntag, Dezember 04, 2005

Stephi got Civilization IV for her birthday, and it ROCKS. We've been playing it quite a bit (it is dangerously addictive, though - one of the if not THE most addictive game(s) I've ever played... "One...more...round...*yawn*").

Anyways, it has an extremely cool intro song called "Baba Yetu" for the opening menu, you can get it here, courtesy of civfanatics: Very epic, kind of mysterious, very catchy.

Well, I just found a page that explains the lyrics here.'s the Lord's prayer in Swahili! That's friggin' cool! :)

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Tom_Biang hat gesagt…

I spent way to many hours playing Civ II. I don't know if I can waste anymore of my life without actually exploding. (of course, it sure didn't FEEL like a waste at the time). Plus, I'm to broak to buy Civ IV